Social Skills Training Groups for Children:

I am pleased to announce a social skills training group for children called S.S.GRIN (Social Skills training group Intervention) The objective of SSGRIN groups is to learn and practice basic social skills: communication, self-control, perspective taking, conflict management, and the initiation of activities.  Group members learn to set goals and assess the consequences of their actions; build pro-social attitudes and character traits (respect, responsibility, perseverance, empathy); combat negative assumptions about themselves and others; and build coping skills to cope with stressful social situations (teasing, rejection, peer pressure).

All children would benefit from enhancing their communication and cooperation skills and building their social confidence in working with others.  Children want positive friendships, inclusion within their peer groups and positive interactions with parents and teachers. Sadly, at some point most children will face social adversity, such as teasing and rejection, and how they handle this adverse interaction can have ripple effects on how they approach peer interactions in the future.  While the skills taught within the groups are widely applicable, SSGRIN is designed to particularly address the needs of school aged children with three specific sets of peer difficulties:  (1) Children with immature social skills relative to other children of the same age; and (2) Children with few, if any, close friends and/or who experience rejection and teasing by their peers; and (3) Children who are socially anxious and awkward with their peers.

You can to register your child to participate in this fun and helpful skill-building group.  SSGRIN will be held at 4550 SW Kruse Way, Suite 340 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 and will be led by Deborah Mertlich, LCSW, along with additional assistance from S.S.GRIN accredited associates.  I require an initial interview with the child before the group begins to assess their individual needs.  The SSGRIN program is designed for children Kindergarten thru 2nd grade and 3rd thru 5th grade and will be held on Thursday nights. If you would like additional information, please contact me at (971) 252-1545 or email