I offer a vast array of services and treatment options for both the individual and their family members.  For the individual, I offer uniquely tailored programs covering a variety of specific topics.  These programs are related to stress management, anxiety, panic and fears, life’s transitional occurrences, anxiety derived directly from unexpected and/or long term health issues, and Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD).  I utilize my 10 years of experience to custom design a program that will best serve your needs.  I believe strongly that each individual’s situations are unique and therefore the programs that we develop together should mirror that belief.

Likewise, I feel that the family dynamic can be affected, compromised and/or altered when an individual is dealing with many of these issues. The family members can be a great source of ideas and support for the individual dealing with anxiety related issues, but the family dynamic can also be greatly effected negatively as well.  I feel that working with the family to bring about patterns of change and improvement is vitally important for long-term success to be realized.  I offer individual family sessions, parent workshops that run congruent with individual programs. The parent workshop are offered as a means of sharing success stories, reinforcing family dynamics, troubleshooting ideas with other families that are experiencing similar issues, and means of supplying additional help and education outside of the family therapy session.

I also believe that children can benefit from this style of peer interaction and have set up groups specifically for children and adolescents.  Peer mentoring and sharing can be a huge relief to a child or adolescent that suffers from anxiety, fear, transitional changes or illness related issues.  The realization that other children have similar feels or issues can be a huge relief to a child; it normalizes their fear and gives them an environment to share their feels with their peers.

Lastly, I offer intensive programs which is a commitment from all those effected and myself to spend a specific period of days honing in on issues, causation and steps for improvement.  This program has shown to drastically break patterns, allow reflection to be manifested into action and defuse the stress of recurring stumbling blocks in communication and bring long-term solutions to fruition.