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We are currently expanding our group practice, see below for more information


Northwest Anxiety Solutions (NWAS) is a successful Online Therapy practice that is looking to broaden its reach and serve more people. We are offering job opportunities, consulting services, and case share consultation groups to help therapists enhance their skills and collaborate with other professionals.

We offer job opportunities to newly licensed professionals and experienced therapists who are looking to focus on assisting clients and not the minutia of “practice” management. We have taken care of many of the obstacles that bog Therapists down in private practice. We have insurance credentialing, a HIPPA certified online platform, a seasoned Biller at your disposal. This allows you to focus on client care, preparing superlative notes and immersing yourself in continued education and enhanced professionalism.

We also offer consultation services to help therapist refine their skills or focus in a different area. There is a great need for therapists who specialize in anxiety disorders. The benefits of a group practice like NWAS is the ability to draw from other Therapists skills, specialties and real-world solutions interacting with clients. Therapy is like many other specialized professions in that continued education and growth will enhance your effectiveness with your clients. Furthermore, the specialty that you selected during Graduate School may or may not bring you the fulfillment you assumed it would. Being a member of a vibrant group practice will bring you engagement with therapists assisting a much larger segment of the mental health spectrum.

We are offering a collaborative case share group that offers people the opportunity to talk about challenging cases and get new fresh ideas and perspectives of how to help clients and manage challenging situations. At NWAS we want you to feel a part of an inclusive, supportive and knowledgeable group of individuals, working toward providing the best possible care for their clients.

If you are selected to join our boutique online therapy group, you will reap the benefits that belonging to a dynamic group brings. We will assist you by immediately referring clients to you. We have a large waitlist of clients desperately looking for Therapists with current openings, Insurance companies we have partnered with that have a plethora of clients they are trying to place. We have the infrastructure in place for you to quickly get onboarded and in front of clients quickly. At NWAS we want you to be successful, we want to help as many clients as possible and give you the flexibility and support to make a difference in people’s lives.