New Year Resolutions Success Steps

December 31st is a milestone for many of us, the cusp of a new year, a night to hang out with friends, a day to exhale because you survived the holiday season and a night to celebrate your successes in the past year. It is also a time we often look at our lives and reflect on what could have been better this past year. New Years resolutions are nothing new and many more where made this year. Lose weight, get fit, spend more time with the family, and make more money are a few of the popular topics. Sadly, most New Years resolutions don’t last a week, fewer yet 30 days and the vast majorities don’t see summer. Why is that? Are they just another holiday tradition like trimming the tree, seeing the Nutcracker or going skiing? The concept of bettering oneself is admirable and if New Years Day can be the tipping point for change than why not embrace it. I found this blog article that presents very good strategies for successfully mapping out your resolution’s.

13 ways to live a more positive fulfilling and happy life

The article actually morphed into 23 ways to live a more positive fulfilling and happy life…but who’s counting. I found the thoughts behind it empowering, informative and good tools to start out this New Year with more success for your resolution. If you have already slipped on your resolution for the year, read this article and realize you don’t need a special date to make changes. Good luck!

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