Asking for help with anxiety can be challenging. Searching for someone with whom you feel comfortable, and understands what you, your child or family are going through is difficult. As the pressure to succeed and manage complex lives increases, stress and anxiety are becoming more common in our society. Anxiety and excessive worry can be caused by stressful events, such as a new job or school, social situations, or economic hardships. These types of stressors can lead to a disruption in people’s lives that can range from mild to severe. Anxiety becomes a serious problem when it begins to interfere with everyday living, potentially, leading to an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are serious conditions that fill people’s lives with debilitating worry and fear.

I specialize in anxiety disorders in children, adolescents and adults. I often work with the entire family to provide education and skills to help the child, adolescent or adult work through their anxiety issues. I work with schools and other professionals in the community to coordinate care for the individual and family.

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